What is the affiliate program?

How often do you recommend a site or a product to someone?
Wouldn't it be nice to receive recognition for every purchase you have recommended?
An affiliate program was created to express this concept, it is a type of marketing that you can use to market and share the products of our site through different tools to be used towards direct or indirect knowledge of people such as followers on social media platforms or blogs. In return, when one of the customers connects to our site using the affiliate link (provided personally to each affiliate) to purchase a product, you (the affiliate) earn a commission on it.

Who is this program for?

This opportunity is aimed at anyone who has an interest in being able to take advantage of simple word of mouth, who already has a following of people or who share the sector, philosophy and products of our site or perhaps already know Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates are mostly influencers, they are people with a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., but also people who have friends, relatives who can take advantage of our products or services. By sharing and recommending our products to your followers and / or acquaintances, you receive a commission in return.

Does joining the program have any particular costs or constraints?

Subscription to the Affiliate Program is completely free, without restrictions and can be unsubscribed at any time, due to its nature of "commission" on "purchases generated by word of mouth" you can manage the time and the way to do it in total autonomy.

How are commissions calculated?

The possible commissions generated by purchases are the same for all Affiliates and are calculated on the final sale price excluding any shipping costs, VAT and coupons. The commission percentage is set at 10% on the entire catalog of products on the site (even those discounted and / or in promo) Examples of commission generated by purchases that can occur: Your sponsorship makes a purchase for a total of € 223
(including free shipping)
In this case the commission generated is € 18.30 as VAT is excluded which can be 22% or 10% based on the type of item sold (The shipping amount is not deducted because in this case it is free ) Purchase made for a total of € 73.90 (consisting of € 67 + € 6.90 shipping)
in the following case we have generated a commission of € 5.20 as in addition to VAT, any amount spent for shipping must be excluded) The calculation of the Commissions is automatically generated by the program in a precise way by carrying out the operations with calculation to the hundredth. In short, the commission is generated from the total taxable amount paid at the time of purchase but credited only after 15 days, time in which the customer could make a return, this serves to protect both from fraudulent purchases or purchases simply not gone to. successful.

Are there any cases where commissions are not calculated?

The cases (fortunately rare) in which the commissions cannot be paid, may concern those who make purchases in manual mode and these have a negative outcome. Example: 50 € spent on delivery which are not paid at the time of delivery, the commission is forfeited as we have not received the sum of the purchase made. Or simply on returned items, if after a purchase the sponsored customer decides to make a partial or total order, the commission in whole or in part will not be possible to pay it; for this reason we wait 15 days for the credit to be credited, a useful time which the customer has time to make the return.

How do I get the commissions generated?

The commissions that are generated in the program are redeemable in two ways: Pay directly via PayPal or by bank transfer within 48 hours of reaching € 50 of accumulated commissions. or they can be converted into credit reached only € 25 that can be spent on our site by multiplying the accumulated amount by 1.5, or for example, upon reaching € 50, the conversion to the credit that can be spent becomes € 75 as a shopping voucher, € 100 becomes € 150 and etc. The commissions are paid 48 after the request, the transformation into a Shopping Voucher can be done independently. In order to receive the payment in cash, you must provide us with the personal data to fill in the invoice which will be sent to you.

How can I check the traffic and commissions I generate?

After registering with the Affiliate Program you will have a personal platform (Dashoboard) available where you will have the tools you need to incentivize and direct purchases, through a Link that you will have to use to keep track of the purchases that will accrue the your commissions. You will also have the possibility to customize an exclusive "Discount Coupon Code" to incentivize the purchases of your followers by giving them the possibility of having a -10% discount on the total amount of the purchase (excluding shipping). Remember that the commissions generated are net of discount codes, use them wisely. In addition to being able to monitor the traffic that occurs from your Link, who makes purchases, you can see and keep an eye on the amount of commissions generated by your flow.

I have more questions about the affiliate program

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